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St Vincent de Paul Primary School, 167 Ligonniel Rd, Belfast

We are a Rights Respecting Community who are committed to actively promoting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Welcome to our school

The staff and I are very conscious of the trust which you place in us when you enroll your child in Saint Vincent de Paul Primary School. We are a caring school where the whole school community shares a common goal – to work together in partnership to make a difference.

In Saint Vincent de Paul Primary School every child is treated as precious and unique. We aim to develop the ability of each child sharing with the home and Parish a growth in faith through prayer and the preparation for the sacraments. We are committed to providing the fullest of opportunities for all our pupils to allow everyone to develop their full potential in a secure and safe environment. We believe that your child’s education should be life enhancing and should foster in them a sense of self-confidence.

We recognise also that it is only when the school and home work together that your child’s best interests are served.  Therefore we strive to maintain close links with all our parents throughout the year.

Along with all the staff of Saint Vincent de Paul Primary School I look forward to working in partnership with you and it is my wish that the coming years will be happy and successful for your child.


ETI Inspector Report 2018


Momo Challenge - What is it?

Momo is another one of these viral media “things”that nobody is sure what to call. Probably the best term is “viral media scares”. Viral media scares present a bit like old-fashioned ‘chain letters’, only with a cyber-bully twist – and it can be hard to know whether they’re real, where they come from and what to do about it.




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